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Each year EUSSC partners with some of the most innovative and diverse brands in the snowsports industry. We've worked hard to secure some fantastic deals for our members, as listed below. We are incredibly grateful for the support that our sponsors provide us - so go on, check them out!

For questions about our partners, please email


The company taking us to the alps this winter...

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Faction produce high quality skis for the park, piste and powder. Their skis combine durability with stylish and innovative design, and with a stacked team of riders, Faction continue to make advances in the freeskiing industry.

EUSSC members get 20% off skis and 30% off softgoods.

Helping us conquer the gates is Ski Racng Supplies, helping us kit out our club with speedy (and safe) equipment!

RYZE Edinburgh is the trampoline training venue of Team EUSSC - the perfect environment for safe progression of tricks, whilst having a lot of fun in the process!

EUSSC members get an additional free hour, when buying a 1 hour flight pass. All you have to do is check in on social media!

Rider owned and rider tested - Syndicate Clothing produce top quality, limited edition clothing products. Syndicate have been long-time supporters of EUSSC, and are producing our 2018 Christmas Trip stash!

EUSSC members get 30% off.

Chilly's Bottles aim to accelerate the uptake of reusable products, by producing sleek, modern water bottles. Available in a variety of designs and colourways, Chilly's Bottles keep water cool for up to 24 hours.

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Premier ski and snowboard stockist, based right here in Edinburgh: Freeze Pro Shop have supported EUSSC for several seasons. Freeze stock all major industry brands, and their product knowledge is second to none.


DataWax products have been specially formulated for each surface - dryslope, indoor and real snow - making them perfect for Team EUSSC. DataWax sponsor our lock-up, and EUSSC members can take advantage of their top quality products when servicing their kit! 

EUSSC have a range of DataWax products in stock at fantastic prices! Speak to Adam to see the full range.

Whether getting hot-laps in the park, or charging waist-deep pow, Planks Clothing will keep you comfortable. Their products are top quality and their range features a stylish mix of lifestyle, outerwear and eyewear.

EUSSC members get 15% off.

Snoww is a revolutionary social ski tracking app, available for FREE on the App Store. The app allows you to log your runs and share with your friends.

Make sure to download the app and join the EUSSC group within the app - we'll be hosting competitions throughout the year.

This year EUSSC returns to The Three Sisters for our weekly socials. Head down and join us every Thursday evening for great drinks deals and the chance to kick back and meet fellow EUSSC members!

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We are once again supporting Disability Snowsport UK - the charity that aims to ensure that anyone with a disability can access the thrills of skiing and snowboarding. 

New for 2017/18, EUSSC plans to run subsidised adaptive snowsports lessons. EUSSC is the club for everyone, and we want to make sure that anyone with a disability can still get involved with the EUSSC fun! Speak to Anna for more information.

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This year we are supporting Snow-Camp - a charity dedicated to empowering inner-city young people with snowsports, life skills, qualifications and opportunities.

We will be fundraising for Snow-Camp throughout the year. You can follow our progress at our dedicated fundraising page.

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