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There are several competitions throughout the year on dryslopes, at snowdomes and of course in the Alps.


SUDS - The Scottish University Dryslope Championships - Bearsden

Run by SUSC Events, SUDS is a display of Scottish unis talent in a super chilled and friendly atmosphere. Check out the SUDS 2019 edit above.


The Dryslope Champs (aka BUDS) - To be seen

Taking place at a currently undisclosed location in the UK, the DCs see thousands of students from snowsports clubs around the UK join together for a wild weekend of big competitions and even bigger parties. A mix of raw competitiveness and festival vibes, the DCs are not to be missed!

Dome Series

Beginning with the Scottish qualifying round at Snow Factor in Glasgow and continuing to the Dome Finals in Castleford, this is the first opportunity of the year to compete on snow, albeit in a snow dome.


BUCS Main Event in the French Alps!

The challenge for the overall BUCS trophy comes down to this Easter week in the Alps. All the practice at the other competitions leads up to this where everyone finally proves themselves on the mountain. Be ready for first lifts and last orders in this exhaustingly brilliant week of competition.

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