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Team EUSSC has proved itself to be one of the most successful snowsports clubs in the UK, claiming podiums in every major competitions in the university snowsports calendar last year and this year we intend to do the same. Despite our team's successes, there are no trials or required level of ability and our doors are open to anybody that would like to hit the slopes with us. We pride ourselves on our team spirit, and the manner in which racers and freestylers are part of the same supportive team.


We are lucky enough to be supported by The University of Edinburgh's Team Performance Programme. This allows our top athletes to access facilities such as Strength & Conditioning sessions. Places on the programme are limited, if you are interested you should contact Ben or Andrena.

Still not convinced? We dare you to watch the 18/19 year edit and not want to get involved.


While competing and training is open to anyone in the club, we recommend that you join the training programme. You can even just ski recreationally. The joining fee is £90 on top of your membership but you will literally save hundreds of pounds and get the most out of Team EUSSC. This fee includes:

  • 8 Hillend sessions for racing and 8 Bearsden sessions for freestyle

  • Weekly, heavily subsidised training sessions around Scotland, including the highlands! (snow permitting...)

  • Race and freestyle coaching

  • Post-training food at our sponsor venue

  • Free equipment rental for training and competitions

  • Competition entries (worth a lot!)

  • Transport to all university competitions throughout the year

  • Team EUSSC competitors T-shirt

  • Subsidised competitors meals

  • The opportunity to head out to the Alps with the team on BUCS Main Event

  • Access to the Main Event Competitors' Fund

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