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Here at EUSSC we want anyone and everyone to be able to get out and enjoy the sport we all love so much.


Our aim is to ensure EUSSC is accessible and enjoyable to all members with additional physical, cognitive or learning needs. 


To achieve our 'One Team One Dream' ethos we recognise more needs to be done in the area of adaptive sport. This year have been extactic to announce the role of our Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer to introduce further steps to help EUSSC better meet its adaptive aim!


Check out below the progress we’ve made so far, the opportunities available this year and our goals for the future!


We deliver high-quality adaptive ski and board instruction through close work with Disability Snowsport UK and in conjunction with the expertise of our Club Committee and Team Members. This specialist support is provided at an equal or less a cost to our non-adaptive instruction due to the phenomenal budgeting by EUSSC’s club treasurer and our well-fostered partnership with EUSU, that affords us subsidising financial support. 


EUSSC recognises that some additional needs require particular equipment. For those who require a particular fit for boot’s, skis or board, we arrange for an early fitting to get the best kit for you – and for some members, this can be accompanied with specialist insoles. For any kit, the club doesn’t stock (e.g. sit-skis) we can make arraignments with DSUK for this to be there and ready for training and trips. EUSS’s got you covered!


The Edinburgh University Sports Union lay the foundations for all university sport here at Edinburgh. However, EUSSC have a particularly good relationship and track record working with EUSU to deliver a fantastic range of events and experiences for UofE students. We work closely with their Edex program to affordably introduce people to the power of the powder, have engaged in case studies and presented SU training sessions on inclusion within University sport, as well as exploring other financial support for widening participation. The mutually beneficial link allows us both EUSSC and EUSU to be at the hub of innovation within University Sport.


EUSSC is renowned for its trips and socials. With 1200 club members on our last ski trip, 800+ ski and board competitors joining us for our ‘Pre-BUDS’ event, to our whole plethora of Scottish winter escapes. It’s certainly not something to be missed, so we take steps to make it accessible to all. Arranging specialist transport to events and trip, ensuring venues are openly accessible and that committee members or event teams are available to help, are all steps we’ve taken in the past and will continue to do in the coming year. 


Disability Sport UK is world-leading in their support for adaptive ski and boarders. The club has worked with them for many years as one of our central club charities. In more recent years this partnership has extended to become recipients of the high quality of support. This year we hope to strengthen this partnership further, with continued fundraising and work with their adaptive instructors, in addition to our new venture of providing EUSSC’s members with the opportunity to upskill and become Adaptive Guides. 


BUCS are the official provider for British University and College Sports competitions, to which all university Snowsports clubs work with. However, EUSSC is building this relationship further as we continue to campaign for the inclusion of adaptive categorise within official BUCS competition. EUSSC has a ‘One Team One Dream’ ethos, and with this, we strongly believe that all club of Team EUSSC should be able to compete side by side at BUCS events. We look forward to the progress that may be made this year and to update you all as this happens

Keen To Get Involved? 

Contact Georgie, your Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer on: or by filling out the contact form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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