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As a member of the biggest and best sports club at The University of Edinburgh, you’ll not only have access to countless competitions, snowy mountains and endless fun but also the opportunity to meet some awesome, like-minded people and have the greatest (and messiest) nights of your life!


You’ll find us every Monday night without fail at the Pilgrim Bar, where we’ve got some really exciting nights lined up throughout the year. Our events are fun and varied and include something for everyone. We present some of the biggest nights in Edinburgh and will be your most memorable times at UoE.

Email Amelia and Will at for anything social-related

From FREP Elections to the annual Snow Ball, plus a few surprises thrown in to keep it interesting, we’ve got your Monday covered! Come down and mingle at our Fresh Tracks social, get your lei on at the Tropical Beach Party and prepare yourself for our infamous PubSki Olympics pub crawl, all in the space of the first few weeks. And that’s not even mentioning BUDS – a weekend of snow sports mania, where thousands of students from all over the UK descend on an undisclosed location for all-day festivities and a little bit of skiing on the side! So whether you’re just dropping in for a casual pint or planning on having a huge night out, bring all your mates and come join the Monday fun – mayhem is inevitable, everyone is welcome and rampaging is very much encouraged!

Be sure to add Edin Snow Socials as a friend on Facebook and like our page to get all the details for upcoming events; it’s where we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the goings on. 

Even if you can't make a social or just miss us too much, keep the party going and listen to our Spotify ! We have playlists for any occasion.
Three Sisters, Cowgate.

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