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Scotland is a country of many climates, and luckily for us, one of them brings that dump of snow we crave. It is a little-known secret that Scotland can offer some fantastic opportunities for hitting the slopes when the season kicks off. We have over 100km of groomed piste perfection across our 5 different ski resorts, right on our doorstep. Featuring more than 50 ski runs of various grades, the Highlands have a feast of backcountry opportunities for riders who’d like to test their skills further.
Once the winter is in full swing, we embrace every opportunity to venture up north and indulge in Scotland’s magnificent mountain ranges. Being only a short distance from resorts and with club rental only £10 from our Lock Up, these affordable and unique trips are perfect for a day’s escape to the white stuff. 

We also host one of our most anticipated events of the year EUSSC's Big Weekend in February - this is one you simply cannot miss.

Join our EUSSC Scottish Trips Facebook group to find out when we head north

Here is our latest adventure north. We are already excited or next seasons adventures, you should be too!

For more info on getting up north hit up to James on eussc.scottish@gmailcom


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