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Accommodation will be in Tignes (Val Claret) side. There are a mixture of room sizes, but the majority are 4s and 5s.  New for this year, we have an upgraded accommodation option where most rooms are more spacious 6 and 8s.

Standard Accommodation

For those in standard accommodation we will be using the NUCO two-stage room allocation system. The aim of this two-stage system is to enable you stay as close as possible to all your friends on the trip.

The trip will be using a number of different residences this year which are spread out over Tignes Val Claret. By creating groups of friends, we can ensure you and your friends are allocated to the same residence, and where possible, close by within your residence.

The two stages are detailed below.

Upgraded Accommodation

Upgraded rooms are all in the same residence (Ferme du Val Claret), so stage one is therefore not necessary. You do not need to create a group. Those in upgraded accommodation will not need to complete stage one. 

Those in upgraded accommodation will go straight to stage two, as detailed below, and will be notified when this is open. Most upgraded accommodation is 6 or 8 bed apartments.

Stage One

This stage is will remain open until midnight on Tuesday 26th November. This initial process allows you to indicate the group of people you'd like to share a room with, or be close to within your residence. Initially, one member of your group will need to log in and click 'Create a Group'.


This person will assign the group a name and will then be given a unique group code. Once the group is set up, all individuals who would like to be part of that group need to log in to their account, click 'Join Group' and enter the correct unique group code. You will then be allocated into the group with the rest of your friends. There are no restrictions on group size, so even if there are just two of you (we do have a limited number of 2 bed apartments available) that want to be together, please make sure you create/join a group.

Important – the most common room sizes are 4 and 6 person. Therefore, you stand the best chance of not mixing with another group if you ensure your group size finishes as a multiple of 4 or 6 (regardless of group size. E.g 4, 8, 12 etc).

If you do not complete stage one you will be randomly allocated into a room and building and you will have no choice over who you share with.

Stage Two

Once stage one is closed, we will allocate the appropriate number of apartments to each group, depending on the group size. For example, a group of 16 people may be given 4 x 4-person apartments, or a group of 12 might be given 2 x 6 person apartments. You will then need to log back into your NUCO account and allocate yourself into a specific room.

We will email you again with details of when stage two will open.


You can access your NUCO Travel account here:

Under 'Your Bookings' on the right hand side you will see 'Allocations' where you can click on ‘3-11 Jan2020 Accommodation’

Any questions, please contact NUCO via the chat box on their website or at

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