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These are the 13 people who run the show. Each has a set of assigned roles directed towards the smooth running and improvement of everything the club does. Each is heavily involved in all the aspects of the club and most importantly they are all friendly and approachable. Any questions you have please send them an email and they'll be sure to help you out in any way they can!

President - Freddie

A true-born leader, he’s been involved with EUSSC since day one. He went from being a first year rep, to social sec, to treasurer and now El Presidente at the top of the food chain. Don’t be afraid though, he’s the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet and can talk for hours about anything from rocks to rocket ships - so go say hi at the next social, he doesn’t bite!

Secretary - Fraser

Older than the club itself, Fraser has been running the show for years. Starting out as Scottish trips in his second year, he followed on to be President for two years and just couldn’t stay away. Now he’s back for a Masters and taken on the role of Secretary. Being a beast on skis and a Scotland-savvy guide, you can follow him from touring in Scotland to steep faces in the Alps! Catch him at the next social, but catch him early on as he’s bound to get kicked out for recklessness before the night is over....

Freestyle Captain - Sofia

You’ll see her steeze not only on the slopes but also around uni - wearing oversized hoodies 24/7 and taking the afterbang to 11. Although quite new to freestyle, she’s already been on the podium for various categories and so has the knowledge to turn any skier into a 100 trick pony.

Scottish Trips - Euan

Possibly the most proud Scotsman you’ll ever meet, Euan will talk your ears off about everything from Scottish legislation to a highland cow at the side of the road on a trip up north. He’s also the most knowledgable about Scottish skiing, so he’s your go-to guy if you want a weekend of skiing and the perfect person to organise EUSSC's Big Weekend. He’s always smiling and he’s excitable about everything under the sun.

Equipment - Adam

Now elected Equipment sec for the third year on the trot, Adam calls the lock-up his home, and is essentially part of the furniture. Having worked in a ski shop at the heart of the Alps in Chamonix, he’s got all the skills to help you achieve that extra smooth base you need to break the sound barrier on the slopes. He’s also an avid skier himself, and loves going touring either in the Alps or in the Scottish highlands. If you want to explore all the untracked areas Scotland in winter, Adam’s your guy!

Social Sec - Bruno

Straight outta Bearsden ski slope, Bruno has been living the dry-slope life since he was but a wee boy. As a born and raised Glaswegian, he brings the night life that Glasgow is famous for to the heart of Edinburgh. You’ll see him slowly (or quickly) disintegrate before your eyes during a social as he downs one too many pints. However, he’s a real trooper and will always be the last one standing - a true social sec till the very end!

Inclusion Convenor - Hamish

You’ll see his hair before you see him, just look for a head of hair that’s the same colour as the evening sun. Always smiling and excited, Hamish will make you feel like part of the family from day 1 - the perfect character traits for an inclusion convenor! He organised the biggest Christmas trip that EUSSC has ever seen last year, so keep an eye out for what he’s got planned for the year ahead!

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Vice-President - Victor

Season 18/19 freestyle captain Victor led team EUSSC to such glory at BUCS Main Event he earned himself a promotion to hit the big-time. Snowsports’ own Flying Dutchman will be liaising with sponsors and coordinating our merchandise, kitting the club out with only the finest grade steeze. His rule? Whatever size you think you should wear, go three bigger. Born so prepared to be VP that he even has the initials for it.

Treasurer - Siobhan

Ex-freestyle captain, Siobhan not only organised all things freestyle but also podiumed on all things freestyle. Having spent the last year in Canada, she’s gonna be unstoppable now. Hard to read, she’ll crack a joke without breaking a smile, but once you’ve adapted you’ll find her as funny as any comedian you’ll see on the telly. She’s devilishly fast both on skis and in conversation, but if you can keep up you’ll never be short of a story or two when she’s around!

Race Captain - James

When he sleeps, James dreams of punching gates. When he’s awake, he’ll be sure to tell you about his season in Romania and being Atomics no. 1 fan (and he’s got the Facebook badge). Don’t be fooled though - he’s the best race captain you’ll ever have: he can groom any beginner into a dedicated racer and provide all the pros with the tools to reach the 2022 Olympics.

Christmas Trip Convener - Kirsten

Rumour has it she’s already been on another uni's committee, and organised a trip for 3,000 Oxbridge students. Close to being a lawyer, she will bail you out of any trouble you find yourself in, provided she’s not involved in any of it herself... She looks like the coolest person at any festival, and will talk to anyone she meets as she’s got a smile that could charm an army.

Media - Emily

Emily is more commonly known as Frosty - and you'd best stick to that or she’ll bite your ears off if you call her Emily. Make sure to be nice to her, as she will be taking photos of you in your best and worst states and has full control over who gets to see the pics... She's a great pleasure to be around and you can find her at all things ski, just look for the girl wearing socks and sliders (and rocking them).

Social Sec - Seb

All the gear, no idea some have said. You’ll see him wearing the latest and greatest in the race industry, but can he live up to it? You’ll have to come see for yourself. One thing is for certain: Win or lose, Seb takes full advantage of the post-comp parties. One of the most sociable members of the club, he was an invaluable addition to our first year rep team, bringing tonnes of newbies to the fun! Go chat to him to get the inside scoop on the biggest and best events that EUSSC has to offer this year...

First Year Reps - Could They Be You?

This year we're electing 5 first years to our committee to represent the club and shadow committee activities. Each representative will take on one of the following five areas: Socials, Trips, Media, Equipment or Competitors. It's the perfect way to gain an insight into how clubs of our size function, and puts you in an ideal position to run for a fully-fledged committee position in future. If you're interested to learn more, or have any questions, you're welcome to contact the email address below.

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