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how to book

1.  You must buy EUSSC membership prior to booking. Edinburgh University students must buy Snowsports Club Full Year Membership (£20). Non Edinburgh University students should buy Snowsports Club Non UoE Student Full Year Membership (£25). Both options are purchased through the EUSU website:

2.  You will need to create a NUCO account: 

3.  At 7pm 7th October, booking a code will be posted on the Christmas Trip Event Page 

4.  Type this code into the NUCO booking portal & follow the on-screen instructions. Be quick before tickets and extras such as events sell out!


You only need £100 as a deposit to secure your place, the rest of the trip cost doesn't need to be paid until 6 weeks before departure.

In order to monitor and control volume of online traffic on the booking page, we will be using a virtual queuing system. We advise being online and logged into your NUCO account ahead of opening at 7pm, you will then be notified of your place in the queue and updated as this changes.


Note: Having multiple browsers or tabs open will inevitably slow this process down, adding extra stress to the system, causing problems for all involved, and so we advise against doing so.


Live help will be available from the chat function on - (try and access from a different device if possible).

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